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Monday, August 2, 2010

Guy Fieri's Coconut Rice and Peas

Whole Foods got me hooked. I tried some coconut rice at their lunch counter and there was no turning back. Lots of comfort-food love.

The question was, could I make it at home? No problem. I searched the Food Network and thought the Guy Fieri Coconut Rice and Peas presentation had a great twist - lots of different tastes (coconut, garlic and chili) that blended really well - and oh ya, it has cilantro - my favorite. It was easy to make and complimented the swordfish I marinated with the recipe I picked up from Rachael Ray's mixed Greek grill (see below) - I couldn't go wrong. My only suggestions is that I upped the coconut milk vs chicken stock ratio (and added a bit of left over coconut milk at the end for an extra punch) and added grated lime rind and juice - just a preference. I find it perks up the taste.

~ Enjoy!