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Monday, November 15, 2010

Asian-Flavored Seared Tuna with Green Beans

Ok, here's disclaimer #1 - I know NOTHING about cooking tuna besides the fact that it should be seared on the outside and really pink on the inside. Disclaimer #2 - I'm not a big fan of fish or soy sauce. But did this stop me from trying's Asian-flavored seared tuna with green beans? Heck no. Since I live in a fishing community, I need to explore and understand this whole fish-thing beyond salmon and lobster - and who knows, maybe come to like it.

This recipe came very highly recommended on the Epicurious website and I liked the fact that it was an all in one, main course and veggie. I have to admit that I tweaked it to my taste (so it relied less on the soy sauce) and really liked the results but my husband was more non-committal. We might try this recipe again once we master the art of searing fish on the BBQ (perhaps heat up a pan and do it that way?) All tips are appreciated. However, for one-inch thick pieces of fish, cooking them 2 minutes per side resulted in the requisite raw-to-pink colored center.

If it's of interest, my tweaks included: grating fresh garlic, ginger and a hint of orange rind into the soy sauce/wasabi marinade. I also added a bit of sesame oil and about 1/2 tsp of brown sugar. I marinated the fish, then removed them and placed them on the grill. As they were cooking, I threw some thawed green beans with almonds into a frying pan - gave it a minute or two to heat and crisp up before then adding the reserved marinade with perhaps, another 1/2 tsp of brown sugar. It was done by the time my husband pulled the fish off the grill four minutes later.

I thought it was a really nice change from steak and pork chops. If you do choose to make this dish, I highly recommend that you read a few of the reviews and as a result, severely cut back on the amount of brown sugar. (No photo was available on Epicurious. This photo is from a similar recipe on

~ Enjoy!