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Monday, January 17, 2011

Chicken and Black Bean Chili

Hi, I'm back. Actually, I've been trying new Internet recipes but I haven't been happy enough to post them (one was a Caribbean red bean recipe to try to recreate the really yummy dish I had at Johnny Longboat- ok, who's the joker who said you didn't have to soak the beans first??? And the other recipe was a creative way to deal with Christmas left overs. Trust me, the turkey enchilada recipe lived up to it's name!).
So here we are with an easy chicken and black bean chili from . It should actually be called 'chipotle' chili because the recipe calls for chipotle chili and I, may have added more than suggested. Still really good. My only tweaks were to use chicken thighs, not add all the water, and instead of adding green pepper sauce, I added hot Pace Picante Sauce. Ok, I also added a couple of pieces of broken taco shell to the mixture to thicken it in a gluten-free friendly way. After I added my requisite cilantro, all was good with the world. (photo: courtesy of Sherry who posted her version on the website.)
~ Enjoy!