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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rachael Ray's Greek Mixed Grill Kebabs and Pine Nut-Orzo Salad

YUMMO! DELISH, whatever you want to call it - Rachael Ray's Greek Mixed Grill Kebabs with Orzo/Pine Nut salad was so good and easy. Perfect for guests (or family) in the summer. Just be prepared to watch your leftovers leave in doggy bags.

Not much to change in this recipe - with the exception of cutting down on the amount of onion used in the salad (unless you're a big fan) and adding minced garlic to the meat marinade and the salad dressing. I'm personally trying to stay away from wheat (this month's fad) so I substituted basmati rice for the orzo and it turned out fine. I also served the salad cold so I followed the directions to the letter with the exception that I added the tomato and cucumber just before I served it. I'd also suggest you allow the meat to marinate longer than a few minutes before you grill up the kebabs - there's a lot of flavor in this recipe. (photo credit: Tina Rupp)

~ Enjoy!

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