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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Braised Short Ribs

Hi there,

I'm back online and cooking after finishing the build and moving into our new home (so that's where I packed the frying pan....).

After hanging up all my clothes, my goal yesterday was to put together a nice Sunday dinner that didn't include take-out. After a quick look on the Pioneer Woman's website, I thought her Braised Short Ribs looked like a great choice for a beautiful autumn day. And it was - with enough grease to make it seem really decadent!

I like her website because she provides pictures of every step - or, if you're impatient like Shannon, zip down to the bottom of the page where she recaps the recipe. However - Shannon - the pictures saved me from throwing away the cooked pancetta (as if I would) because the recipe doesn't tell you to put it back in the pot with the ribs.

I only changed a few things that probably don't make a difference either way: 1) I coated the ribs in Montreal Steak Spice instead of just salt and pepper, 2) I added garlic to the veggie mix, 3) I combined a small can of diced tomatoes with a bullion cube and enough water to measure 2 cups of liquid - instead of using just broth, and 4) I added more red wine (I think this is why Corbet Canyon was invented) to the gravy to add a little more wine flavor and thin out the sauce.

I served it with wasabi mashed potatoes (add wasabi paste to regular mashed potatoes for an extra kick). So if you don't mind the grease - I think you're going to like this recipe. (Photo: Ree Drummond)

~ Enjoy!

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