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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dissing Deen - Breakfast in Bed

I love everything about Miss Paula, so I thought the baked goods featured on this episode would be great to have around for weekend guests. Yikes - not sure if it was a mistake by Food Network staffers, but it seems Paula and my grandmother have something in common - their recipes are more guesstimates rather than precise instructions. Here's what happened.

Recipe number one:
Spinach Gruyere Puff Pastry
Recipe courtesy Paula Deen

Doesn't it look good? In theory, I knew my vegetarian guests would like it, but look closely at the recipe. It is void of ANY seasoning, let alone common elements like onions/leeks/shallots. Huh? Looks like Paula was channelling grandma. I ended up adding Montreal Steak Spice (the 'gitty up' of spices if one was ever invented), onions, nutmeg, thyme, salt, etc. In the end it was fine, but:
~ Cook beware!

Recipe number two:
Spicy Cinnamon Cake
Courtesy Paula Deen

My bad! What made me think that a cake made with pudding and cake mix would taste homemade? Guess I was pressed for time and swayed by the many great reviews (with the exception of Diane from Miami Beach, who was so right when she called it "Awful"). Anyway, live and learn - it tastes like every processed cake you've ever eaten and it was over cooked to boot. If you do decide to try it, reduce the temperature and/or cooking time.

~ Cook beware!

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